Vrworkshp, aka “violinist’s reference”-workshop are reference-level audio cables used by the designer himself. All these started as a hobby for Yeo Wee Soon, a veteran violinist, teacher and passionate audiophile in 2012. It began as a pet project after Wee Soon read some accounts of people making their own cables. He dabbled and DIY-ed some cables and with researched choices,not sparing expense on materials, was very surprised that ┬áhis first projects sounded very good. Wee Soon is no stranger to the Ultra expensive and sometimes outrageous prices of some cables. With the success of these first experiments, he then sussed out the best raw materials in the world and using painstakingly tedious methods, built the second generation of cables. This was still a project in its infancy. Imagine his surprise when bringing his cables around to compare, it was almost as good as the very best. The third generation of cables prompted him to decide to start selling his cables and examples were sent for reviews overseas, which were favourable.

Now having somewhat retired from his career as a violinist, Wee Soon decided to dedicate a lot more time to marketing and selling these cables. To him, there’s nothing better extant in the world in their respective price brackets and beyond. Now in its fourth generation, and in two series, Wee Soon hopes to invite you, the audiophile, to the Vrworkshop experience.