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Seraphim Series

Entry level; power cords, interconnects and USB cables. Watch out for the upcoming reviews, ideally suited for mid to high-end systems. These cables will not be embarrassed in any application.

Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, each costing more, going up the hierarchy. At their respective prices, very difficult to find better.

Milstein Series

After years of trial and error, Wee Soon discovered that there’s no way to differ geometry or find better materials to get better results. Just like the violin, which form remained unchanged for the better of 300 years, nothing can be added nor subtracted(along the 2 preceding parameters) to improve upon it. So are these cables. Although ideas had been brooding for better performance, at present to his ears, these are the best and there is nothing better. Parts costs are high. Time to build every cable is at least 4 hours of hand labour. This is the best that we can offer. RCA and XLR interconnects, power cords and speaker cables. The ultimate in tonal colours balanced with maximum transparency and accuracy.

– Wociech Pacula, Highfidelity Poland

Anyone wishing to represent or distribute these cables, please contact Jeremy at If there is no representation in your country for individual purchases, contact too. Bespoke orders available by request.

Clients can request if they want relaxed, neutral or dynamic sounding versions of their cables.